(Starters and Light Bites)

Nachos Single £7.50    Large £10.50 (V) (gf) (Can be made vegan) Corn tortillas with refried beans, melted cheese & topped with red & green jalapenos chilies & black olives, with guacamole, red salsa & sour cream. 

Elote   £6.00   (gf) (V)   

Mexican street food favourite – roasted sweetcorn with spicy mayo, Wensleydale cheese and lime wedge. 

 Quesadilla (gf)  

2 wheat or corn tortillas with melted cheese and tomato salsa, garnished with Pico de Gallo, lettuce and sour cream.  

 Choose from:     Cheese- £5.50 Chorizo – £6.50 Mushroom (v) – £6.00 

Baronia Smoked Pork Ribs £8.75(gf) 

Meaty pork belly ribs roasted in our homemade raspberry & chipotle sauce, then slow smoked and served with homemade tomato chilli jam 

Chipotle Mushrooms £6.50(gf)(v) 

Button mushrooms cooked in a chipotle chilli sauce, garnished with feta cheese and coriander, and served with totopos. 

TACOS £11.50 (Four 12cm Tortillas )

Birria Queso (GF)

Smoked brisket 14-hour home smoked Brisket with Melted cheese, Fresh onion, Coriander and Dipping salsa.

Carnitas (GF)

Slow cooked pork served with Fresh onion, Sour cream, coriander, Pink pickled onion chilli arbol salsa and Popcorn chicharron.

Jackfruit Al Pastor (GF) (V)

Marinated Jackfruit in our homemade pastor sauce, with feta, fresh white onion, pineapple and coriander

Vegetarian tacos can be made Vegan.